Me To You My Place

Me To You My Place lets players take the well known Me To You bear, Tatty Teddy on an adventure. Players search the world to try and find lost Blue Nosed Friends.

The Blue Nosed Friends can then be taken back to the players garden and cared for. Players aim to build friendships with each of the Blue Nosed Friends so that they can make a friend for life.

Me to You My Place is the home of Tatty Puppy, a lovely plush toy that can be found in hundreds of shops in Great Britain and in selected international shops. This game has a Facebook version, and a dot com version. The latter is typically for kids, which allows the non-Facebook account holders to play (and even to interact with their Facebook counterparts).

Fishing Stars

Fishing Stars is a fishing social game published in conjunction with 6waves. Players try to earn as much money as possible by selling fish that they catch, whilst blowing up the various distractions (surfers, boats, krakens) with a variety of cool & futuristic weapons.

In order to increase the value of their fish, players can put their catches into their very own aquarium. Here players can feed their fish increasing the weight and value. Each players aquarium can also be decorated to give it a unique touch.

The game includes many different types of fish including many celebrity fish each with their own weaknesses which players have to identify and utilise in order to catch them.

Gear Quest

Gear Quest is a social RPG, in which you create a unique character to battle through a fantasy world. It relies on a very well thought out engine with a large number of fight logic and innovative systems and features.

"Your world is invaded by evil. You must uncover ancient weaponry, gear and magic to fight your way into The Underworld, and work out how it was opened." We made a blood oath to never ever take this game down.

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